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domingo, 6 de enero de 2008

ahora de verdad

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[NC]DioX dijo...

I changed your link for an embeded video; in case you want to do that in your next post (maybe you didn't and actually just wanted the link XD), just paste the text that appears in the embed box, at the right of the video in youtube :)

[NC]DioX dijo...

By the way, both Edison and Tesla were freakish, but even if Nikola looked like a fucking mad scientist, and claimed to have invented a DEATH-RAY, Edison, with his employee Harold P Brown not only killed many animals, but ended up inventing the ELECTRIC CHAIR.

The cool thing is the first attempt on killing someone with it failed:
First 17 seconds of current didn't kill him.
Second, 2000 volts made him bled, and set him on fire.
It took 8 minutes to kill the guy XDD

Way to go EDISON!!

Mumps dijo...

First, welcome oacat!

Second, why do we speak in english?

Third, that elephant fell like an statue (that was my thought at first xDD)